Safe Pack


Get quantity discounts at 5, 10, 25, 50 and 100!

– CITEVE Certified Mask, Black
Our certified mask is made in Portugal, with 75% cotton and 25% TNT.
Number of washes 5 but under review for the possibility of more washes till 25.
– Hydro Alcoholic Gel, 250ml + Portable Hydro Alcoholic Gel, 30ml
Hydro alcoholic solution in gel form, with no perfume and quick drying, no rinsing required.
Contains moisturizer that help maintain a healthy skin, with 65% to 70% alcohol.
– Cotton Gloves Touch, Black
Our gloves are made in Portugal, with 100% cotton.
Washable and reusable gloves.
– Keychain Touch Tool
Designed and made in Portugal, made of brass.
Our keychain enables you to open doors, press buttons and open bottles while avoiding all germs.


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