Keychain Touch



1.Avoid Covid 19 and all Germs
Designed and made in Portugal for you never have to touch a shared surface , the hook & pointer enables you to open doors, press buttons, open bottles, and checkout while avoiding all germs.
2. Beautiful Brass in 4 colorways
Crafted from a solid piece of 360 brass, the Touch tool was designed and made in Portugal to be both functional & beautiful.
We made it in 4 colors ; black , white , silver and gold .
3.Summer time ! Let’s drink a beer?
We included a subtle bottle opener so you can look forward to all celebrations and never be alone when a bottle comes to you ! Let’s make a toast to the future.
4.Designed and made in Portugal .
Each Touch Tool is designed for strength, measuring 80x 40x 5 mm and weighing a substantial 50g
5.Ethical and sustainable made.
Fair prices and fair trade from local suppliers who worked and respect all EU legislation in terms of best green practices. We care about the planet we care about you .


Gold, Silver, Black, White


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